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Arutperumjothi Yaagam

Agnihotram has been a part of an individual or social ritual since the Vedic times in India. When the ritual fire – the divine Agni, the god of fire was deployed in a Yaagam, mantras were chanted. There is something that is not widespreadly known.
Agnihotram releases acetylene and formalin which clenses the environment in which it is performed. Even its ash has medicinal properties. The ash can be used as pesticides for plants too.It's a great opportunity for you all this year to be able to do it in your houses itself from the 6th of Dec till the 12th of Dec with the help of Mahayogam Mahayogis. Jai maharishi

Watch this to know more about Agnihothram and its benefits



Mahayogam's Arutperumjothi Yaagam will be conducted on December 9th Friday at chennai. We Invite you all to participate in the yagam and experience the true power of traditional Siddha's Yaagam and its benefits.


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Date : 12/09/2022 6:00 PM