Siddha tradition was flourished in Tamil Nadu and made tremendous spiritual revolution.
The Sage’s with Immortal body are very few and Lord Murugan who is also called as Sage Kandhan is the first Siddhar
attained the state of Ultra-luminosity.

He is the GURU for all Siddhar's.

Siddhars are those who have attained perfection in Yogic practices to ultimately reach the stage of immortality. Through higher-level Yogic practices they attain a state of ultra-luminosity that results in invisibility; thus they remain impervious to ordinary vision.
Sage Agathiyar on the instruction of Lord Murugan originated Tamil language(language spoken in Tamil Nadu) and introduced it to the world. It is said that 80% of languages spoken today around the world were introduced from Tamil. Among many disciples of Sage Agathiyar, the most important disciple is Sage Bhogar, who spread the knowledge of Yoga, Medicine and Divinity.
Sage Bhogar’s disciples are PulippaniSiddhar, Rama Devar, Maha Avatar Babaji and our Parama Guru Maha Maharishi. Maha Maharishi stayed with Bhogar for long period. Raga Aravindha Rishi is disciple of Maha Maharishi who is also called as Maha Maharishi II. There is a gap of over a century between them and their Guru-Shishya relationship is eternal and the communications are through telepathy rather than direct contact. RagaAravinda rishi’s direct disciple is Maha Maharishi III, who is still living with us for almost 320 years with immortal luminary body. His parents named him as Gunanthaverma but after his salvation he is popularly known as Maha Maharishi. He stayed in many places of SriLanka like Thirukonamalai, Kathirkamam, Pesalai and did many spiritual wonders. Finally in the year 1989, 8th December on KaarthikaiPoornima day, at evening around 5:40 PM in the place called Manthai near ThiruKetheeswaram our MahaMaharishi turned his body to immortal ultra-luminary state in front of his twelve disciples.
The one and only disciple who is currently living with us is our beloved Guruji, his Holyness, Medical Genius Shri.Dr.K.P. Gunaneethi.


In geneal Siddhar’s have unique speciality, they are beyond our imagination; Master’s in Astro Science, Medical Science, Mind Science, Engineering Science, Nuclear Science, Electronic Science etc., Master’s in Spiritual arts like Siddhanta, Creation, Yoga Techniques, Techniques of Vedha, Technology, Philosophy, Literature, History, Mythology Intelligence ; They are expertise in Music, Dance, Painting, Poetry and Martial arts. Siddhar’s had their own Career and most of them were Doctors. Our Guruji leads his life as a message to the people by providing the Secret of Yoga with his High Clemency. Rishi’s Meditation Mahayogam was formed by Siddhar tradition with most powerful Yoga practices.
Guruji was born in the Spritual Cultural land of Tamil Nadu, Sivagangai town in a wealthy family for Mr.Karuppaiyah and Mrs.Latchumi. His parents named him as Gunaneethi. He had spiritual contact with Maha Maharishi at his young age itself and he gained Yoga Secrets from his previous birth. He is a Medical expert, expertise in 19 Medical fields.


Our Accomplishments:

  1. Mahayogam has reached more than 3 lakh members in a vision to build a strong nation.
  2. Every week our Rishi meet people to bring health awareness and conduct stress management camps and classes.
  3. Mahayogam’s higher yogic techniques have been scientifically proven at Kalpakkam and MMC, Chennai.
  4. Mahayogam conducts “success Secret” and Stress eradication program to business and corporate people.
  5. MIQ has been given to more than 25,000 students and has been scientifically proven at Atomic Research Centre School, Kalpakkam.
  6. Our Rishi give MIQ training to physically challenged and visually impaired students regularly at Govt school in Tanjore.
  7. We have conducted Mahayogam meditation and MIQ training at Mannar, Sri Lanka.
  8. Zenskar Martial Arts training has been given to Tamil nadu Police in a training camp held in Villupuram.
  9. A new and holistic approach of medicine ‘Human Energy Medicine’ was framed by our Guruji from his clinical experience to give permanent cure to most of the complex and challenging diseases.
  10. Clinical trials has been succesful, giving 70­80% cure to Hepatitis, all Spondylitis, Gall stones, Renal stones, Migraine, Gynaecological disorders and etc. 50% cure rate in epliepsy, cardio- vascular diseases, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer etc.

Mahayogam's envision through its 10 Principles:

  1. To build a strong nation with strong body, strong mind and strong economy.
  2. To create a peaceful nation.
  3. To make us self­reliant in all sectors.
  4. To produce a healthy future generation.
  5. To achieve high standards in health.
  6. To reduce nation’s expenditure for medicine.
  7. To eradicate neagtive mentalities among people, which is the cause for addictions and antisocial activities.
  8. To preserve and promote our culture.
  9. To preserve fertility of land and seeds for future.
  10. To prevent herbs and minerals from extinction.