Energy Medicine & Medical Research

Human energy medicine is an integrated approach to medicine to improve the health standards, with the objective to prevent and cure diseases and not just a symptomatic relief. Energy is the basis of everything in the universe. All living beings have a self-healing power in them without it even a wound cannot heal. Anything which disturbs this self-healing power is disease, be it a physical, mental and emotional ailments.
Human energy medicine works through our energy system. It is a drugless system which mainly works with modalities which balance and improve our energy system and in some cases medicine (Energy particle in herbs) which supports in our self-healing mechanism. This improves the vitality of a person and enhances health. It is a simple, safe, economical and fast curing approach without side-effects. This aspect of energy medicine proves more effective during emergency conditions.
Medical Astro Science : It is a part of energy medicine. It helps to prepare a potential medicine, since all the herbs has influence of stars and planets.