Zenskar is the art of being in conscious. ‘Zen’ means meditation and ‘Kar’ stands for defence by hand. This art was developed by our ancient Siddhars to tame our energy system. Zenskar has its evolution from all its master and reached us through our Guru, Dr.K.P.Gunaneethi a 5th Dan black belt. It has Karate, Kung Fu, Varmam, Judo, Silambam, Qi Qung, Tai Chi, Hitachi all under one roof. It’s motto is to bring awareness at each stage of practie and reach the Highest Awareness, which is the ultimate stage of a Yogi. It is not just a martial art. It is a practice which bring out the powerful hidden energy of body and mind and enable students to lead successful life by eradicating their inner and outer enemies. Its unique feature is that, anyone from 6 to 60 years can practice this art.
YOZEN SILAMBAM is part of Zenskar Healing Martial arts designed specifically for middle aged adults to restore back their Health, Energy, and Youth by strengthening and regaining the vital energy with simple movements from Yoga, Kriya, Meditation, Tai-Chi, Silambam, Karate, Kung-Fu, Kalari etc.
It provides complete solution to
  • Joint-pain, Body-pain, Fatigue, Blood Pressure abnormalities, Diabetes, Digestive problems, Constipation etc.
  • Prevent health issues of people above the age of 40.
  • Develop immunity and prevent us from Covid-19-like diseases.
  • Experience marvelous changes within a month of practice and lead a stress-free life.
Anyone interested and especially adults above 35 years and kids above 6 years can practice this art.
Designed by the Founder and Father of Energy Medicine Science, Grand Master, a 5th Dan Black Belt.
Course is offered in person by Guinness record holding master’s.
Karaikudi Kuppan.D 9942999006
Ponmanikandan 9751671994
Kalpakkam Nithyanandhan 8124197031
Anupuram Nithyanandhan 8124197032
Kunrathur Nithyanandhan 8124197033
Chennai - Tambaram Nithyanandhan 8124197034
Kudiyatham Nithyanandhan 8124197035
Sankarankovil Vinayagamoorthy 9952725939
Sankarankovil-Panayur Anandh-9003626263,9994622121
Tirunelveli-Rathapuram-Chettykulam Vinayagamoorthy 73737551070
Erode-Arachalur Vinayagamoorthy 9043995240
Tirunelveli-Payamkottai Chidhambaram 9003331070
Tirunelveli-Thiruvenkadam-Vaiyakoundanpatti Adhithyasekar-9752729335
Saligramam Venkatraja S-9092204870, 8668188422
Ambatur Jegathesan-9865316990, 8072351136
Villivakkam Jegathesan-9865316990, 8072351137
Perambur Jegathesan-9865316990, 8072351138
Rayapetai Jegathesan-9865316990, 8072351139
Mugaper Jegathesan-9865316990, 8072351140
Kilpauk Jegathesan-9865316990, 8072351141