Astro Science

India takes pride of inventing ‘Zero’ and ‘Algebra’ and its great Mathematicians are Aryabattar, Valmiki, Bhaskara, Brahma Gupta, Sreedhara etc.,Guruji’sAstro Science is based on the invention of the World’s Famous Scientist Einstein’s Relative Theory, Algebraand Pythagoras Theory. That is, relation between the Earth andSky; and the functionality of Universe.Even a flower that blooms in the Earth is related to the Stars pre-set in the Sky. Stars have very close relation with living and non-living things in this world. Astro-Science has the solution to get clarity on the issues and problems of day to day life. Knowing things before and acting based on that will strengthen our life. This is not Astrology but it isScience based on Stars. Guruji provides training in Astro-Science in order to service people to overcome their problems in Family life, Employment, Economic development, Task constraints etc.,
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