Yoga Kiriya Meditation

Mahayogam is superior to all types of yogam. Those who attained immortal state hadn’t created any practice methods for normal people. But among them MahaAvatharBabaji and Mahamaharishi took initiative to design such practice methods.
When such Mahans design a practice method for normal people like us, it will be fit for all kinds of people and people from all age group too. It wont have any kind of superstitious beliefs. As they are associated with the almighty and the practice methods designed by them will lead us to the almighty i.e, it will lead us to immortality which is greater than enlightenment.
Such superior method of practice is Mahayogam. Mahamaharishi , who attained immortality and is living among us in the form of light, created an Enlighted person Dr.K.P.Gunanithi. He designed this spiritual practice called Mahayogam, which is classified into Hadayogam, kriyayogam and Layayogam.


Hadayogam: Hadayogam is the only way for a person to attain agood physical health, mental health and strong prana together.
Hadayogam is a physical practice technique. Without proper physical health it is not possible to attain mental peace. Why? If you have headache or any sort of physical illness, you wont be able to read this with complete presence of mind. Thus your body is its cause. The siddhars found an effective way to take care of the body, known as yogasanas.
Yogasanans terrify a majority of the people cause they assume that yogasanas isn’t for fat people or elderly people or for those who have undergone surgeries. By assuming the above people miss the rare treasure to have a healthy body. Yoga is a simple technique for all sorts of people. It is not some sort of exercise but a medicine for physical and mental health of a person.
Without practicing yogasanas a person cannot enter into meditation. Hours and hours of practice is not needed for the practice provided here. Practicing a few selected asanas for a few minutes gives magnanimous results. This is possible only when the person designing such techniques has a high knowledge about the physical body and energy or astral body of a person. The asanas are so simple that even a differently abled person can practice it. Not just that, a highly powerful technique called Taichi (designed by Bhogar) which increases a person’s energy is also taught here. Thus a person above 7 years of age can learn the techniques here.


Kriyayogam: Kriyayogam is a breathing technique. There is a form of energy called prana in the air we breathe. Prana is responsible for almost all the processes in our body. This powerful energy is responsible for humans existence. A disease is created or developed in our body when the prana energy decreases. When we have the knowledge to harness this prana in our body, physical and mental illness will fade away from our body.
Prana cures nervous system weakness of a person’s body and enables the person to live in any kind of natural environment. Kriyayogam purifies the blood in our body and regulates its circulation too. It enhances the heart’s function by controlling cholesterol levels in the blood. Thus, even a heart patient can get permanent cure by practicing Kriyayogam.


Layayogam: Layayogam is a technique specifically designed for the mind. Meditation is when mind attains total relaxation. The following are necessary for a mind to attain total relaxation:
  • First, the body must relax
  • Then, the brain must relax by energising the nerves and veins of the body
After the above are achieved the mind relaxes. Mahayogam was designed under such qualities.
Gradually a person is made to experience peace by practicing hadayogam first, next kriyayogam then finally layayogam.
Usually, we lead our daily lives by attaining energy from sleep, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the heat around us. However, we are unable to decide a proper solution for the problems we face in our lives. Under such circumstances, we tend to become angry or emotional, due to which we live our lives in a stressed state. To get relieved from such situations a person needs to attain great power, which is achieved through meditation.

How kriyayogam is taught in Mahayogam?

A person’s soul attains the maturity, that it is supposed to attain naturally in an year, ( with spiritual devotion) when he practices higher level kriyayogam techniques for 15 minutes. Not just that, sukshumanayogam which enables a person to live without breathing also takes place.
Initially, a person undergoes medical check up and is treated according to their health condition like sinus, heart problems, asthma, diabetes, insomnia, high BP, low BP, nerves weakness. Thus, the nature of a person’s health is detected, then the people are divided according to each one’s health condition and nature of breathe , practices are provided. Each instructor is given medical training and shaped into a yogic. Hence, a secure practice method is designed here.
A person is spiritually elevated as he practices higher level kriyayogam techniques, which are related to body transformations. As a person’s spiritual level rises, the practice techniques are altered by GURU. Henceforth, practicing this technique relieves a person completely from mental stress.

Completely effective and a different approach for meditation techniques

People say that, before filling a container with milk it should be properly cleaned. Similarly, our body and prana, should be cleaned properly before practicing meditation techniques. This is a unique quality of Mahayogam. Else the sakthi obtained from meditation, which is supposed to fix our problems, will create problems. If a drop of poison gets mixed with a vessel full of nectar, then the whole nectar becomes toxic.
Thus, before practicing yogasanas, the body is made ready for it. The lungs are cleaned and the prana circulation is reformed before practicing kriyayogam. Added to that mental stress is eradicated before practicing meditation. The important lower level techniques in Mahayogam are given to make a person qualified enough to receive higher level techniques.
Mahamaharishi’s techniques for meditation are way too different from that of what we people know as meditation

Special Features

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