What is MahaYogam?

Mahayogam is a Medical Science. A Man becomes complete only when he has no issues attached to his Body, Mind, Knowledge and Soul. Mahayogam is a Art of preaching the healthiness of Body, Mind and Soul.

Does Yoga suitable for ordinary families? Do we have to maintain new rules in practical life? (Saffron Dressing and Beard)

While looking at the Yoga tradition, the highest level of Yoga is Trance. Lahiri Mahasayar, a great disciple of Babaji had attained this state being running a family life. So many Saints lived in this world like Babaji, Jesus, Avvaiyar, KaraikaalAmmaiyaar from all sort of community. MahaYogam follows the same Technique. MahaYogam preaches the path to Spirituality alone but not encouraging things like Sainthood, Saffron dress, Beard etc.,
So MahaYogam is suitable for Families, in fact best for families to lead a happy and peaceful life.

I am obese. Can I still do Yoga exercises?

There are Practice levels based on your body condition. Loss in weight will be proven by your daily training. Practices are very simple that a physically challenged person can also do.

Do I have to give up the exercises I currently do?

You can make your own decision by experiencing the benefits and results of MahaYogam in few days.

Rishi's Meditation MahaYogam - Is it Devotional? Science?Medicine?

Mahayogam is a Medical Yogic Science centered on the ideas of Siddhar’s and not a mix of Superstition.

Will all diseases get cured by MahaYogam?

Absolutely for few people, the body will not co-operate initially due to health condition. So please consult a Hitro Doctor to keep up your body and continue with the practices.

How does MahaYogam train People?

Mahayogam diagnoses the Medical conditions of each individual. Training is given for all ages from age 7 based on the health, body and mind conditions.

I would like to attain Soul enlightment. What is MahaYogam's advice to me?

Firstly, MahaYogam fixes the worldly life. And then it provides training to increase the strength of the Body, Mind and Prana. Finally provides practices to attain Soul enlightment.

Why can't we see Guruji Gunaneethi's photo anywhere?

Guru Gunaneethi is completely different from other Guru’s. He doesn’t maintain an Ashramam and is not interested in Advertising himself. He has his own Career. He lives his life as a message to the People. He never encouraged his disciples to call him as an Avatar, Master or Sage. Instead he says “I am a Therapist, Therapist to treat the Body, Mind and Soul. I am here to convey the art of Guru-Disciple tradition”. He lives a simple life. A Meditator can receive Yoga Secrets and meet wonders during the third phase of training from Guruji.

Why there is no Ashram for this Ancient tradition?

There is no need of Ashram for Individual improvement. Also there is nothing that can be achieved by abandoning the Parents, Children and Wife