Traditional Seed Promotion

Food is the base of health for human. India has its own legacy on food, cropping and diet patterning according to taste and seasons. Our traditional food has medicinal values, vitalizing and health promoting nature in it. Beside this, there were 1000’s of crop varieties with diverse medicinal values and also withstanding ability to natural calamities like drought and floods, but now those seeds have become extinct. Inspite of, tremendous development in the field of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, we don’t get the quality of health our ancestors had. What has made this transition? Lack of awareness on values of our food heritage, hybridization of our seeds and use of Chemical fertilizers made us to lose seed potency and our soils virginity.
Other than this, our attraction to foreign food culture has brought lot of health issues like obesity,hypertension, diabetes etc. To bring a change to this lifestyle and restore our tradition, along with yogic training, Mahayogam has stepped into traditional seed promotion through its meditators. This motion is to bring a revolution in health, and has been acknowledged widely by everyone.